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Standard 7: Implementing and Monitoring

What is the Standard?

The Church organisation develops a plan of action to monitor the effectiveness of the steps it is taking to keep children safe.

Ways of providing evidence

The following documents can be used to provide evidence that the Standard has been met:

  • an action plan for meeting the Standards
  • a record of a date planned for review and who is responsible
  • a summary of the number of incidents of abuse and number of complaints


7.1 There is a written plan showing what steps will be taken to keep children safe, who is responsible for implementing these measures and when these will be completed.

7.2 The human or financial resources necessary for implementing the plan are made available.

7.3 Arrangements are in place to monitor compliance with child protection policies and procedures.

7.4 Processes are in place to ask parishioners (children and parents/ carers) about their views on policies and practices for keeping children safe.

7.5 All incidents, allegations/ suspicions of abuse are recorded and stored securely.


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